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Prayer Item Archive

Items are added to this list after they are removed from the main page. They are dated when they are placed in this archive, not when they were first added to the main page. Scroll down and you can look back on what we were praying about and some of the answers God has given.
Notice that individuals only have first names and initials printed here, since this is not in the password protected section of our website.

Krista S, from Mount Carmel, is scheduled for heart surgery on January 5. [January 9, 2017]

Lois G recovering in the hospital from surgery. [January 9, 2017]

George S and Nancy M are recovering in their homes after recent hospital visits. [January 9, 2017]

Edie B and Florence S are both critically ill. Please pray for their families. [January 9, 2017]

Janice B continues to remain in the hospital. Pray for her and her family during this long hospital stay. [January 9, 2017]

• Pray for a spirit of peace for Grant T. [December 19, 2016]

George S is back home, but continues to need extra home care support. [December 18, 2016]

Lillian H's father passed away. Pray for Lillian and Edmund and her family. [December 18, 2016]

Lois G is back in the hospital, after a fall on Sunday. [December 18, 2016]

George S has been moved back to an active treatment ward and is awaiting a decision regarding increased home care support. [December 7, 2016]

Krista S (who came with Mount Carmel to our Fall Camp) is waiting for a heart operation in Edmonton. [December 7, 2016]

Matthew Z suffered a seizure recently. [December 7, 2016]

Janice B remains in the hospital with a bad infection. Pray that the doctors find the medicine to deal with it. [December 4, 2016]

George S has been moved to a palliative care facility. [December 4, 2016]

• Thank God for a successful Christmas Craft Fair and World Market. [December 4, 2016]

Nancy M is recovering in hospital from surgery for cancer. [December 1, 2016]

Ruby H had a fall and spent one night in the hospital, but is home recovering now. [November 26, 2016]

Richard S has blurry vision, possibly due to an infection in his eye. Pray for his healing that he can continue his work as an artist. [November 26, 2016]

Dave H and Ruby H continue to suffer from nagging colds. [November 26, 2016]

George S is back in the hospital again. Please pray for his strength and healing. [November 20, 2016]

• Give thanks that we had a very succesful weekend at Camp Squamish, due in part to our helpers from Mount Carmel Bible College. [November 20, 2016]

Elaine L had an operation on her legs. Pray for her post-operation healing. [November 10, 2016]

Camp Squamish is happening soon! Pray for preparations and especially for our volunteers coming from Mount Carmel Bible College in Edmonton. [November 7, 2016]

Elaine L will have an operation on her legs at the end of October. [October 27, 2016]

George S is back in the hospital. Pray for his healing and peace. [October 27, 2016]

• Please continue to pray for peace for Kazuyo and Joseph, and for safety. [October 15, 2016]

Edie B is in hospital in Kelowna. Please pray for her to regain her strength. [October 12, 2016]

Lois G fell and broke her hip. Pray that her physiotherapy continues well. [October 7, 2016]

Christine A is in hospital, hoping to get out this week. Pray for her comfort and wisdom for her doctors. [October 7, 2016]

Freida A's sister passed away. Please keep Freida in your prayers. [September 30, 2016]

Pastor John is visiting his mother this week. Pray for his safe return. [September 24, 2016]

Ken M is in back at his home, recovering from surgery and getting used to a new colostomy. [September 24, 2016]

Christine A is in hospital this week. Pray for her comfort and wisdom for her doctors. [September 16, 2016]

Ken M is in hospital, recovering from surgery. [September 16, 2016]

Pastor David is on his annual canoe trip with his brothers this week. Pray for his safe return. [September 12, 2016]

Pastor David has returned from a short visit with his daughter. [September 4, 2016]

Anne C has completed her cataract surgery! Please pray for her post-op recovery. [August 28, 2016]

• The Joy Living Society has been granted permission to partner with Bethesda Homes! Praise God for this answer to prayer. [August 28, 2016]