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Helping Out

There are opportunities to serve at almost every Joy Fellowship event. Here are some of the key opportunities.

Bible Studies

Drivers to pick up our people who can't get to the study on their own.
Readers to help in reading the Bible passages.
Setup and cleanup crew put out chairs, serve the snacks and take care of the mess afterwards.
Contact Pastor John (778-792-8551)

Spring and Fall Camp

Camp helpers. We need people who can join us for the entire weekend, and be in cabins with our people, helping with dressing, hygiene, feeding and many more tasks. You'll join in the skits, go for lots of walks and generally become part of our life at camp. This is the best way to get connected to Joy Fellowship. You'll make friendships and memories that you'll never forget!
Drivers. We need a couple people with minivans or one person with a class 4 licence to help get us up to the camp. 'Our bus runneth over' and we want to have room for everyone who wants to come! We also need someone who could drive some people out to camp on Saturday morning, spend the day with us and take them home again later in the day.
Contact Pastor John (778-792-8551)

Christmas Fair with our World Market

Promoters. We want to hand out hundreds of cards to people, letting them know about our one big fundraiser of the year. Could you take a dozen or two and give them to your friends, your family, people at your church? You just need to hand out the cards, and encourage people to come to buy our products and crafts.
Organizers. This is the setup and cleanup and sales crew for the sale. We need a small army of volunteers to join us on Friday and then throughout the market on Saturday.
Providers. Do you have items (handmade crafts, baked goods or interesting gifts purchased around the world) that you would like to donate to our sale? We'd love to sell them and keep the proceeds! As noted, this is our one big fundraiser for the year. Can you help us out?
Shoppers! The sale won't raise much for us if we don't have some people stopping by to shop. So come out and get your Christmas shopping done all in one place.
Contact Pastor John for more details about how you can help out at this event.

If you would like to receive some of the promotional cards to hand out to your friends, simply send a text message with the number of cards you want, and your address, to Pastor John. (778-792-8551)